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Air Duct Cleaning

Attic Crawl Space

Crawl Space Clean Up Crew in Georgia provides thorough air duct cleaning for homes and businesses. We remove all dust, dirt, debris, and that are clogging your system and contributing to allergies and asthma.

There are several reasons why you should have your ducts cleaned regularly. If you have children in the home, they breathe faster than adults and are shorter which makes them closer to the ground, so they inhale more polluted air. Many emergency room visits are due to colds, flu, and asthma in children under 10.

If you are an allergy sufferer, chances are fungi and bacteria in the air ducts are triggering your symptoms. Furthermore, anyone with respiratory problems is more sensitive to pollutants, and even a small amount of dirt can significantly reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency. You may think that filters are doing the job, but over time, they are not enough on their own.

Would you believe the average home collects 40 pounds of dust per year? Protect those you love by eliminating one of the top five environmental risks—dirty air ducts—with a cleaning service from our experienced team. Cleaning also gets rid of mold, fungi, and bacteria along with dust.

You should clean your ducts at least once per year, but you may want to clean them more often if you have smokers in the home, pets that shed high amounts of fur, or family members with allergies and asthma. It’s also a good time to clean your ducts after home renovations are complete and prior to moving into a new home. If you’re experiencing problems with visible mold or you think you have insects in the ducts, you should have them cleaned right away.

Finally, Crawl Space Clean Up Crew cleans your air ducts because it allows your heating and air conditioning to run more smoothly and the system will last longer. Call us for a free estimate and to schedule your service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Did you know that it’s important to clean your dryer vents to improve the efficiency of your dryer and lower energy costs? It’s also important to clean them to prevent a fire from starting. The lint trap catches 60 percent of the lint and the dryer vent catches 40%. While some of the dyer vent can be seen, most often the majority of the system is concealed in the wall, floor joist, crawl space or attic.

This is where the professionals at Crawl Space Clean Up Crew come in to clean the entire dryer vent system. Doing so will save you money, time, and aggravation of clothes not drying properly. From the funnel to the transition hose and dryer vent elbow, we’ll clean the entire system completely.